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As much as I enjoy reading books, I've found myself loving to write them even more. I prefer the YA paranormal/fantasy/scifi/etc genre, but I enjoy almost any book with interesting characters, fascinating imagery, and a captivating plot. I'm currently writing the first of a five book series. We'll see how it turns out. I'm always looking for new and interesting reads. So, if you think you know of something I would enjoy, feel free to recommend it.

The Survivors: Point of Origin

Point of Origin - Amanda Havard I must say that I LOVED Book 2! It blew me away. I was definitely left wanting more which wasn't really the case with Book 1. I know everyone wants more Everett and more Cole, but I want more Mark and Sam. I love Mark more and more every day, and Sam is very intriguing. I feel like there is a lot more than meets the eye with that one still. Of course, I could be very, very wrong.